2021/2022 Program

Membership includes:

  • Input into all Coalition activities
  • Access to (and listing in) the Report of Company Contacts (contact information for member firms)
  • Access to the EACH Enterprise online community app
  • Recruit of a membership sales and member rleationship development consultant with HCM / Payroll background
  • 2 company representatives at all Coalition events
  • 15 online meetings  in 2021 (5 for retirement plan service providers, 5 for payroll platforms, and 5 joint meetings)
  • 11 online meetings in 2022 (4 for retirement plan service providers, 4 of HCM / Payroll Service Providers, and 3 joint meetings)
  • Online 2021 Annual Meeting on September 22, 2021
  • The SCOOP magazine - 3 quarterly issues in 2021 and 4 in 2022
  • 1 in-person meeting in September 2021 (2 registrations)
  • 2 company practices reports (COPEX(k) for Retirement Plans; COPEX Pay for HCM/Payroll firms)
  • 3 employer polls ($10,000 sample budget)
  • 4 VIEWPOINT papers
  • Online demonstrations of employer workstations
  • Strategy paper on data exchange / EDI methods (API vs. SMTP)
  • 5 news releases to the trade media
  • 30 social media posts (LinkedIn and Twitter)
  • $5000 budget for Social Media Advertising
  • Your company logo and positioning statement on the website of the Coalition
  • Other activities as budget allows and membership needs evolve


Download the Membership Application here

2021/2022 Membership Dues

  • Retirement Plan Service Providers: $5.300
  • HCM/Payroll Platforms/Others: $3,700

This cost includes two registrations at all Coalition events including the in-person Annual meeting in the spring of 2022. 

In addition, participating firms are expected to contribute data to the COPEX(k) and COPEX Pay company practices studies, and to devote staff time to committee activities.

This program is based on $100,000 revenue from membership dues. 

Click here for 2021 program of the Conversion Implementation Team Leader Roundtable.

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