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East Granby, CT - March 3, 2020 –


The Coalition for Payroll Excellence is pleased to announce the launch of its COPEX(k) Report, a research initiative designed to gain and share insight into the exchange of data between HCM / Payroll platforms and 401(k) plan service providers.  The report will include a rating of HCM / Payroll software platforms from the vantage point of 401(k) plan service providers.  An executive summary will be published broadly to help employers and plan advisors make informed business decisions.  A description is posted HERE.

The COPEX(k) Report will present insights and recommendations based on observations collected from retirement plan service providers about (a) the payroll service firms with which they exchange data, and (b) preferred practices to streamline payroll processing.  “The thoroughness, accuracy, and timeliness of data exchanges drives employers’ ability to measure the retirement readiness of their employee population.  Sound data exchange practices allow employers to streamline administrative processes and implement personalized action plans to enhance the financial wellness of each individual employee.  COPEX(k) will help establish standards and move behavioral finance to the next level, “ says  Eric Henon, President of EACH Enterprise and Founder of the Coalition for Payroll Excellence.

Soon to follow the COPEX(k) Report will be the COPEX Pay Report based on a survey of HCM/payroll software platforms and payroll processors to share the perspective of payroll service providers. Together, COPEX (k) and COPEX Pay will establish a roadmap for smoother data exchange and workflow between these two key partners in the business of payroll processing.

About the Coalition for Payroll Excellence

The mission of the Coalition is simple: to advocate for payroll administration excellence, to define payroll administration excellence and best practices and finally, to encourage employers and their payroll providers to adopt those best practices. Ultimately, the intent of the Coalition is to sustain the dialogue between retirement plan service providers, payroll service providers and payroll administration software firms. The Coalition for Payroll Excellence is a brand of EACH Enterprise, LLC.

For more information or to become a member, contact:

Eric Henon, President and Founder
Coalition for Payroll Excellence
Phone: 860.653.1705
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