Sustain the dialogue between HCM / Payroll software firms, payroll processors, bundled payroll service providers, and retirement plan service provider.

  • Define payroll administration quality and drivers of excellence
  • Advocate for employer adoption of preferred practices
  • Facilitate 360 data exchange

The Execution

  • Organize annual meeting of the Coalition
  • Engage retirement plan service providers, payroll service bureaus, payroll softwarefirms, bundled payroll service providers, and HCM Suites - bring them to the table
  • Survey retirement plan service providers and payroll service providers - publish areport defining "Quality" and "Excellence"
  • Participate in HR Tech and Payroll Industry Conferences
  • Build a website, brand identity, and social media presence for the Coalition

Tangible Success Metrics

  • Percent of new and existing clients providing regular enhanced payroll feeds
    • In a timely fashion
    • In standard format
    • Consistently
    • With fewer errors
  • Other standards of excellence identified by the Coalition



Business Benefits for YOU

  • Net revenue growth
  • Cost savings resulting from easier data exchange (API)
  • Increased ROI
  • Higher quality client service
  • Fewer client defections
  • Longer client lifecycle

What's in it for CLIENTS

  • Less time administering payroll
  • Successful retirement outcomes for employees
  • Less premature employee turnover
  • Slower workforce aging
  • Lower cost of benefits
  • More competitive labor cost
  • Greater business success


Tangible Deliverables

Input into all Coalition activities

Access to (and listing in) the Report of Company Contacts (contact information for member firms)

2 company representatives at all Coalition events

18 online meetings (6 for retirement plan service providers, 6 for payroll platforms, and 6 joint meetings)

1 in-person meeting in September 2021 (2 registrations)

2 company practices reports (COPEX(k) for Retirement Plans; COPEX Pay for HCM/Payroll firms)

3 employer polls ($10,000 sample budget)

4 VIEWPOINT papers

Online demonstrations of employer workstations

Strategy paper on data exchange / EDI methods (API vs. SMTP)

5 news releases to the trade media

30 social media posts (LinkedIn and Twitter)

$5000 budget for Social Media Advertising

Your company logo and positioning statement on the website of the Coalition

Other activities as budget allows and membership needs evolve

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